125, York Road, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS26 9DL

1 April 2017 - present

Your rateable value is £14,250.00

Warning This is not the amount you will pay.

Valuation information

Description Shop and premises
Local authority Hartlepool
Local authority reference 8761512508
Base rate £250.00
Basis of measurement NIA
Transitional relief certificate issued No
Valuation scheme reference 389204
Special category code 249G
Effective date 1 April 2017

How the valuation was calculated

Parts of the property
Floor Description Area m²/unit Price per m²/unit Value
Ground Retail zone a 34.6 £250.00 £8,650.00
Ground Retail zone b 34.9 £125.00 £4,363.00
Ground Retail zone c 6.4 £62.50 £400.00
Ground Office 10.2 £25.00 £255.00
First Office 21.2 £12.50 £265.00
First Office 9.2 £12.50 £115.00
Second Internal storage 20.8 £10.00 £208.00
Second Internal storage 12.6 £10.00 £126.00
Total 149.9 £14,382.00
Total value £14,382.00
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