Powerpro House 4 Capital Park, Combe Lane, Wormley, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 5TJ



Current rateable value (1 April 2017 to present)


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Property details

Description Offices and premises
Local authority Waverley
Local authority reference Help with Local authority reference 0400901655
Base rate £95.00
Basis of measurement Help with Basis of measurement NIA
Transitional relief certificate issued No
Valuation scheme reference Help with Valuation scheme reference 429743
Special category code 203G
Effective date Help with Effective date 1 April 2017
List alteration date Help with List alteration date 9 October 2017

How the valuation was calculated

Parts of the property
Floor Description Area m²/unit Price per m²/unit Value Help with Value
Ground Office 75.86 £112.86 £8,562.00
Ground Office 21.76 £112.86 £2,456.00
Ground Computer room 6.8 £112.86 £767.00
Ground Office 13.84 £112.86 £1,562.00
Ground Internal storage 43.97 £85.50 £3,759.00
First Office 105.15 £104.17 £10,953.00
First Kitchen 20.23 £104.17 £2,107.00
Total 287.61 £30,166.00
Total value £30,166.00

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