Property information for 8, MONNINGTON WAY, PENRITH, CUMBRIA, CA11 8QJ

Local Authority
Local authority reference number
Council Tax band
Improvement indicator
With effect from
Mixed-use property
Court code
What does my property information mean?

Local authority reference number

The unique number given to the property when it was added to the Council Tax list.

Council Tax Band

The band the property is currently in. This determines how much Council Tax is paid.

Improvement indicator

If the property has been improved or extended since it was placed in a Council Tax band, a Yes will be shown. If a Yes is shown, the band will be reviewed and may increase following the sale of the property.

With effect from

The date the Council Tax band became effective from.

Mixed-use property

A residential property also used for business. For example, a shop with a flat above.

Court code

If the Council Tax band has been reviewed by a Valuation Tribunal or High Court, a court code will be shown. The codes are:

  • V - Valuation Tribunal determination
  • C - Valuation Tribunal confirmation
  • D - High Court determination
  • H - High Court confirmation
  • R - Valuation Tribunal re-determination following High Court referral
  • E - High Court consent order

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