HM Revenue & Customs

I have been automatically enrolled for the online service associated with the tax I have registered for - how do I access the service?

HM Revenue and Customs will send you an Activation Code through the post for each online service that requires one so that you can start to use the service. This code can take up to 28 days from when your registration is verified to arrive, so don't leave it until the last minute to register.

To activate the online service, you must log in to your online account (with your user ID and password) and enter the Activation Code when prompted.

Please note: If you are an agent completing the registration on behalf of a client, you will not be automatically enrolled for any online services.

Agents registering for taxes using the online tax registration service are also not automatically authorised to act for that client. Agents will still need to complete the Online Agent Authorisation process or ask the client to complete a form 64-8.