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After I have registered and enrolled as a warehousekeeper for EMCS how do I give access rights to my warehouse?

Once you have registered and enrolled at warehouskeeper level you can then give access rights to each of your warehouses. You can do this as follows:

Setting up different users in an organisation to use EMCS

The first person from an organisation to register with HMRC Online Services is an Administrator with full access rights to manage their Online Service Organisation account. This person can add other members of their organisation onto the service either as a fellow Administrator (peer) with the same rights to access and manage online services, or as an Assistant with a restricted subset of access rights.

You can set up 'Administrators' and 'Assistants' by visiting the Government Gateway and following either the 'Manage Administrators' or 'Manage Assistants' link and complete the on screen instructions.

Please note: You can only set up Administrators and Assistants on the Government Gateway.