HM Revenue & Customs

What should I do if I have already registered but with my warehouse excise ID and not my warehousekeeper excise ID?

If you have registered using your warehouse excise ID instead of warehousekeeper excise ID you will need to de-enrol from the service.

To de-enrol for EMCS you need to do the following:

  1. login to the HMRC portal at

  2. follow the 'Your account' link from the left hand menu on the 'Your HMRC services' page

  3. follow the 'Remove services' link

  4. follow the 'Remove service' link next to Excise Movement & Control System

  5. confirm the removal by clicking on the 'Yes' button

You can now re-enrol using your warehousekeeper excise ID by following the EMCS 'Enrol for service' link on the 'Your HMRC services' page.