HM Revenue & Customs

What is a motor caravan and what do the details requested by NOVA refer to?

Motor Caravans are vehicles fitted with all or most of the following items:

Examples include a camper van and a motor home.

Here are two examples to help you identify the details requested by NOVA.

Make of motor caravan: Swift
Motor caravan body: Coachbuilt
Model name/number: Ducato
Motor caravan version: Voyager 685FB 4 bth
Make of base vehicle: Fiat
Derivative: 2.3TD

Make of motor caravan: Volkswagen
Motor caravan body: Rising Roof
Model name/number: Caravelle
Motor caravan version: California SE 2/4bth
Make of base vehicle: Volkswagen
Derivative: 2.5TD

All of the information referred to above should be available on the vehicle purchase invoice and in the vehicle manual.