HM Revenue & Customs

Computation submission method

You can send your computation in one of four ways.

Self Assessment tax return
For disposals before 06/04/2020 if you have an active (live) Self Assessment record and have been, or expect to be, sent a Self Assessment tax return or Notice to File (a tax return) for the year of disposal, you can include your computation with this return.

Please note: This includes Trust and Estate tax return.

Other information
You can include your computation in the 'Other Information' box at the end of the return.

You can send the computation separately to HM Revenue and Customs, the computation should only be sent via email in a Word, Excel or PDF file to

Please note: When you send your computation(s) please quote either your submission Case ID number (which can be found towards the top of the automatic submission acknowledgement email) or your non-resident CGT reference starting with 'NRCGT' and followed by numbers. You should also include 'Non-resident CGT or UK Property or Land' in the title and give details of the chargeable person.

Do not use this email address for any purpose apart from sending computations, estimates, valuations or letters of authority for non-resident (CGT) gains and losses. Do not include any other personal or confidential information, such as, bank account information.

Information sent over the Internet is not secure and is at risk of being intercepted and read by people other than those it was intended for.