Information for ruling 600002007

This section is Advance Tariff Ruling

Start date
15 Oct 2021
Expiry date
14 Oct 2024
An optical smoke detector which utilises the light scatter sensing principle by using a light emitting diode (LED) & a photo diode within its sensing chamber. When smoke particles enter its sensing chamber, the photo diode senses increased levels of infra-red light scattered by smoke particles and the detector then goes into alarm mode. Therefore, the product uses optical radiation (visible in this instance) for the purposes of physical analysis. The detector is optimised for increased sensitivity to black smoke. There is no integral audio-visual warning equipment fitted but a small LED intended only to show whether the detector is in alarm condition. The detector is designed for use with a base.
Classification has been determined in accordance with the following: - General Interpretative Rules (GIR)s: GIR 1 - has been used to classify this product by the terms of heading 9027 - Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis (for example, polarimeters, refractometers, spectrometers, gas or smoke analysis apparatus); instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like; instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light (including exposure meters); microtomes. GIR 6 - has been used to classify the goods to subheading level 902750 - Other instruments and apparatus using optical radiation (UV, visible, IR). Also classified in accordance with: Harmonized System Explanatory Notes (HSEN) to heading 9027 - note (9).