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Data Protection Subject Access Request Form

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Please note you have 15 minutes to complete this form before your session will be terminated and all information entered will be lost.

Part A

 Help for National Insurance Number

We need an email address to acknowledge that we have received the information you have completed on this form. If you do not have your own email address, please provide an email address where you are happy for an acknowledgement to be sent. If you would prefer not to receive an acknowledgment, please use the following email address in this field – Please note: if this field is left blank your form will not be submitted and the information provided will be lost.

Please indicate below your previous address if applicable.


Part B

Please indicate below the type of records that you wish to have access to. If you would like to view Tax, VAT or Child Benefit Records please insert the appropriate reference numbers in the spaces provided below.

  •  Help for Tax Credits or Childcare Service (Tax Free Childcare/30 hours Free Childcare)
  •  Help for Income Tax
  •  Help for Child Benefit Records
  •  Help for VAT
  •  Help for Customs Records (Please supply details in Part C)


Part C

IMPORTANT: Please enter in the space below the following information:

  • Any HM Revenue & Customs office addesses and reference numbers.

  • If this relates to a joint claim to Tax Credits please provide partners name and National Insurance number.

  • Any other details you feel will assist us in tracing and retrieving your information.


Part D

I declare that I am the person named in Part A and that I am entitled to request personal information under the terms of the Data Protection Act 2018.