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Application for an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number - Exports form

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Are you, or will you be, trading with Northern Ireland or are you a business established in Northern Ireland?

Before completing this form please confirm the following conditions apply to your application:

  • you aren't VAT Registered in the UK
  • you're sending goods to a country outside the EU
  • the goods you're sending are intended for a commercial sale or for a commercial/promotional activity as part of your business

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If you don't meet the criteria above please refer to the Economic Operator Registration and Identification scheme web page on GOV.UK. To view the guidance go to the GOV.UK homepage and enter 'Economic Operator Registration and Identification scheme' or 'EORI' in the search facility.

Please note: For additional help you can click on the help icons (?) that appear next to various field labels below.


Section 1 - Details of who requires an EORI number

Please complete this section with the name and address details of the business you require an EORI number to be issued to.


Contact details

The contact information entered below will be used to contact you, in regards to your application.

Your EORI number will be emailed to the email address given below:


Section 2 - Legal status of business

Please tick and complete the section below that corresponds to the legal status of the business you're applying for.

Sole proprietor

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Please enter the details as requested above for any additional partners in the 'Additional information' box below.

Limited company


Registered Charity, Non-Profit Organisation, Other

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If you're a registered charity please complete the following.

Confirmation of completion of section 2


Section 3 - Additional information

Please use this section to provide any additional information you feel is relevant to your application for an EORI number. (2000 character limit).


Section 4 - EU EORI validation checker

The EU EORI validation checker is an online tool that allows anyone to check the validity of your EORI number to aid customs clearances throughout the EU.

Please tick the box below if you agree to the businesses' full name and address details being disclosed on the EU EORI validation checker when the EORI number is validated.

By not ticking the box below a validation check against the EORI number will only confirm if the number is valid and no personal information regarding the business will be disclosed.

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Section 5 - Declaration

I declare that information given above is true and complete

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After you click the 'Next' button you will see a preview page summarising the information you have provided. If this page is not displayed, please use the scroll bar to locate any missing or incorrect entries highlighted in red.