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Application for Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI)

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Complete this form to apply for an EORI number if you're VAT registered in the UK. If you're not VAT registered in the UK, you'll need to complete the non-VAT registered EORI application form.

Please note: For additional help you can click on the help icons (?) that appear next to various field labels below.


Once an EORI number is issued to a VAT Registration Number (VRN) this will be permanently attached until the VAT registration is deregistered.

It may be that your business already has a GB EORI number. You can check this by using the GB EORI validation checker on the website.

For UK VAT registered businesses your EORI number will be GB + Your VRN + 000, ie, GB012345678000.

Please tick the box below to confirm that you have checked the business doesn't already have an EORI number.


Contact details

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UK VAT registered details

Please note: The details you provide below must match the information HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) already holds. If you provide information that doesn't match your VAT registered details it can delay your application.

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Please enter the full VAT registered address below.

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Please tick the box below if the business is registered with HMRC as a member of a VAT group.

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GB EORI validation checker

The GB EORI validation checker is an online tool that allows anyone to check the validity of your EORI number to aid customs clearances.

Please tick the box below if you agree to the businesses' full name and address details being disclosed on the GB EORI validation checker when the EORI number is validated.

By not ticking the box below a validation check against the EORI number will only confirm if the number is valid and no personal information regarding the business will be disclosed.



I, the person named in the contact details above, declare that all the information given on this application is true and complete.


After you click the 'Next' button you will see a preview page summarising the information you have provided. If this page is not displayed, please use the scroll bar to locate any missing or incorrect entries highlighted in red.