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Notification of a change in personal details

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If you are an agent, please complete this form on behalf of your client for whom you have submitted form 64-8.

Please note: For additional help you can click on the help icons (?) that appear next to various field labels below.

Please enter an email address below, which will be used to send you responses regarding this form.

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Personal details to be completed by all

Please note: For security reasons, and to help HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) amend your details, you must answer all of the questions in this section.

Please enter your full name in the fields below.

If you wish to tell HMRC about a change in your name, please complete the fields below entering the name you used before the change took place. You will be able to give details of your new name further below in the section entitled 'Change of name'.

If HM Revenue & Customs knows your middle names it is important that you include them. If you do not have a middle name, please enter NONE in the middle name(s) field.

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Present address

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Please tick the appropriate checkbox below.

Previous address

Please provide your previous address. HMRC will use the previous address you provide to confirm your identity if the address held does not match your present address, for example, if you are telling HMRC that you have recently moved.

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Please enter the PAYE Reference of your employer or, if you are currently receiving private pension payments, enter your pension provider. (Please view the help text for further information on how to complete the below field and what to do if you don't have the required information). If you have more than one employer or private pension, please enter the details for the one you consider to be your main employer or pension provider.

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You must complete at least one field below for HMRC to confirm your identity and process your change of personal details.

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If you have changed jobs during the last two years, please enter the name of your previous employer in the field below.

If you are currently receiving a private or occupational pension, please enter the name of your pension provider in the field below.

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Please tick the checkbox below if you completed a Self Assessment tax return online for the previous tax year.

Please tick the checkbox below if you are not employed and are not in receipt of a private pension.

Please tick the checkbox below if your only, or main income is from a State Pension or benefit.

To be completed by authorised agents (form 64-8)

This section is only to be used by those people who have already provided HMRC with a signed letter of authority or form 64-8, to act on another person's behalf.

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HMRC will include your client's reference in the response to you, but for data security reasons this will not include the client's name, National Insurance number or any other personal information.

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Change of name

Please complete the relevant sections below with your new details.

Please enter the date when this change took place, or will take place, and the reason for the change (marriage or civil partnership etc).

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Please tick the checkbox below if you are only 'known as' this name and it is not a legal change of name.

Marriage or civil partnership

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Please enter your spouse or civil partner's National Insurance number or UTR if known. Please enter this number without spaces.

Nominated correspondence address

If you would like correspondence to be sent to a 'care of' address, please enter this below.


Please tick the checkbox below if you have previously notified HMRC of a nominated correspondence address and now wish to cancel this nomination.


Improving HMRC services

To assist HMRC in improving the services, please tick one of the following checkboxes to show how you would have contacted HMRC to give this information, if you had not done so online.

Please tick one of the following checkboxes to indicate the type of record you wanted to update before the website informed you that all relevant records would be updated.


After you click the 'Next' button you will see a preview page summarising the information you have provided. If this page is not displayed, please use the scroll bar to locate any missing or incorrect entries highlighted in red.