Select all the expenses you want to claim

Select all the expenses you want to claim
This includes the cost of things used only for your work, such as heating and lighting the room you work in.
This includes the cost of washing your uniform, or repairing or replacing protective clothing or small tools that you own but you use for work. You do not need to provide any receipts.
This includes costs for mileage and fuel, depending on if you use your own vehicle or a company vehicle.
This includes the money you spent on food or overnight stays that your employer has not paid back. You must keep records of what you've spent.
This includes fees or subscriptions that you pay to approved professional organisations (opens in a new window or tab) to be able to do your job. You will need to know the full annual fee, and any employer contributions.
If you must buy substantial equipment to do your work, like a computer, you may be able to claim tax relief on the cost. If you choose to buy the equipment, you cannot claim tax relief.
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