HM Revenue & Customs

What is the Administrative Accompanying Document (AAD) 'current view'?

When you access any W1 Return marked as 'Open' or 'Saved' and you follow the 'AADs outstanding for 2 months or more' link you will see a list of all AADs declared as outstanding, on any W1 Return, that have not been subsequently declared as paid or returned. These will be separated into two sections depending upon the length of time they have been outstanding, based upon the date of dispatch relative to the current date. This is known as the 'current view'.

If any of these AADs have been paid, or have had their 'Copy 3' returned then these should be removed from the 'current view' by selecting the appropriate option.

When completing the 'AADs outstanding for 2 months or more' section of the form, you must declare any AADs that have not previously been declared if they have been outstanding for two months or more - at the point of submission of the W1. This will add them to the 'current view'.