Information for ruling 600001968

This section is Advance Tariff Ruling

Start date
15 Oct 2021
Expiry date
14 Oct 2024
The Electrosurgical Generator is intended to provide radiofrequency (RF) electrosurgical energy for cutting and microwave energy (MW) for coagulation (hemostasis, cauterization) and ablation of soft tissue, and is for use only with appropriate Medical Instruments and accessories. The operator of the Electrosurgical Generator and Instruments must be physician or medical personnel under the supervision of a physician and must have received sufficient training in clinical electrosurgical techniques. Mains-powered electrosurgical unit intended for operating theatre and endoscopy suite use. The Output: Bipolar RF power at 400 kHz at up to 200 W, Microwave power at 5.8 GHz up to 62 W. The type CF Defibrillator proof Patient Circuit, Front panel interface comprising: A vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), Membrane-type control keys , LEDs to indicate status and warnings, Rear panel connection for 2-pedal and centre button footswitch for: Activation of the cut and coagulate outputs, Footswitch-operated menu navigation and setting control Rear panel connection for 2-pedal and centre button footswitch for: Adjustable power for the RF output, Adjustable power for the microwave output. The Electrosurgical Generator provides output to a single accessory cable capable of delivering two different frequencies to a dedicated applicator for: Conventional electrosurgical unit RF frequencies for providing precise, low thermal margin cutting. Microwave waveforms in the 5.8 GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) frequency band for delivering controlled-depth coagulation. Both waveform types are bipolar, confining the zone of electrosurgical effect exclusively to the point of contact between tissue and applicator tip. There is no requirement for use of a patient return pad.
Classification has been determined in accordance with the following:- General Interpretative Rules (GIR)s GIR 1 - Has been used to classify this product by the terms of heading 9018 - instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scintigraphic apparatus, other electromedical apparatus and sight-testing instruments. GIR 2 (a) - Has been used as the goods are incomplete. GIR 6 - Has been used to classify the goods to subheading level 9018 90 - Other instruments and appliances. CN CODE 901890 84 - Other Also Classified in Accordance with: Harmonized System Explanatory Notes (HSEN’s) to 9018