What’s the start date of this claim?

From 1 July 2020, claims must start and end in the same calendar month.

Make sure the claim periods do not overlap.

What is a claim period?

You make a claim under the Job Retention Scheme for a period during which one or more of your employees are furloughed. This is the claim period.

Include all affected employees in one claim, including employees who start or end furlough on different dates within the claim period.

You cannot make more than one claim covering the same claim period.

Claim period start date

For the first claim, this is the date the first employee was furloughed (other employees may be furloughed at a later date). The earliest the start date can be is 1 March 2020, which is the date the Job Retention Scheme started.

If employees are still furloughed after the claim period ends, make another claim later to cover the ongoing furlough period. Claim periods cannot overlap.

Claim period end date

This should be a date that aligns with a payroll run. It can be any date up to 14 days from today’s date. Note that it’s not the same as the furlough end date - furlough may be ongoing at the end of the claim period.

What’s the start date of this claim?
For example, 1 3 2020