Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme calculator

Use this calculator to work out the figures you’ll need when you complete a claim through the scheme. It also gives a detailed breakdown of calculations for each pay period for your records.

The figures are for one employee, for the claim period you specify. Run the calculator again for any other employees you’re claiming for and add up the results.

From 1 July, employees can be brought back to work for some of their normal hours. The calculator can take this into account.

The calculator works for most employees paid weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly or monthly. From 1 August, this includes employees who have returned from statutory leave such as maternity leave.

It doesn’t work for employees who:

  • get director’s payments outside PAYE
  • have been transferred under TUPE
  • were not employed continuously before their furlough started
  • returned from statutory leave such as maternity leave in the last 3 months (if the claim period is in July or earlier)
  • receive employer pension contributions outside of an auto-enrolment pension scheme
  • ended furlough then began again during the same claim period

In these cases, work out what you can claim manually using the calculation guidance or seek professional advice.

It’s your responsibility to check that the amount you’re claiming for is correct.

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Before you start

You will need:

  • claim start date (for your first claim, it’s when the first employee started furlough)
  • claim end date
  • pay dates (when the employee gets their pay)
  • dates of pay periods (the time periods their pay covers)
  • regular payment amounts
  • additional payments (such as tips, discretionary bonuses, non-cash payments)
  • date furlough ended, if not ongoing

From 1 July, if the employee is flexibly furloughed, youll also need:

Steps to take before calculating your claim (opens in new tab)